10 Best Easy Healthy Snacks in 2020 For You!

1. Peanut Butter With Apple

Yes peanut butter & apple combo is on top, If you are a foodie then you will definitely going to love this duo, Combination of both makes the perfect healthy and tasty snack on our list, Apple contains natural sugar and provide healthy carbs where peanut butter contain healthy fats and protein, 1 tbsp of peanut butter and an apple will provide you more or less 200 calories, I know just around 200 calories.  

2. Banana

Weight loss or weight gain banana helps in both, many people exclude this from their diet plan just because of hearsay about high sugar or high carbs values, But don’t forget the very same high carbs value will provide you to bear two hours of long lasting energy for workout, Banana protect you from stomach ulcer, heartburn, constipation And gives you vitamin B6, potassium, carbs,3 types of natural sugars, and its good for your heart health and a lot more, 100g of banana will give you 89 calories.

3. Dark Chocolate

Delicious dark chocolate is more than for taste, There is a lot more nutrient value which you weren’t aware of, But don’t worry we are here to provide you the best excuses to eat it more often, Just 100g of dark chocolate contains 11g of fiber, Then there is iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, potassium, all of this available in between 60-98% value in just 100g of dark chocolate, Eating 30-60g of dark chocolate daily is recommended by experts, Hence eat dark chocolate in moderation, 30g of raw dark chocolate will give you 135 calories.

4. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is really high in protein to keep your craving in control, Low carbs and low fat value with fatty acid makes it perfect to consume, Cottage cheese will help your bones, improve digestion, blood sugar, Hair, will expedite your weight loss process, High amount of protein will help you reach your target protein intake as well, 100g of cottage cheese will give you just 89 calories.

Pro Tip:- To get more health benefits & taste, sprinkle some flex seed over the cheese.

5. Nuts Mixed

Being relatively high in calories and fat they are very rich and protein. since the childhood we have heard that dry fruits are essential for body health and and make you smart it will charge your brain you will become computer etc etc. But know one told us how! well we will explain it for you, Great and high quality sources of different nutrient, good fats, omega-3 fatty acid, antioxidants, dietary fibers, anti-inflammatory nutrients, for these nutrient we have to eat different foods but all of this is available in once package, That’s how Nuts help our body and furthermore high quality of antioxidants value aid our brain functioning, Just a handful of 30g mixed nuts will give you 150 calories more or less depends on your choice of nuts.

6. Potato (Boiled)

No B.S! potato can help you reduce your weight or increase your weight, Its depend on your target calories either you loss weight or gain, Potato contains variety of starch called resistance starch, Usually carbs in your diet plans are starches, These Glucose long chains starches found in various food like, grains, potato etc etc. Because of the higher carb value most of the people avoid adding potato in the diet or completely exclude it, An average size 150g of potato contains 26g of carbs and will give you 110 calories.

7. Popcorn

What we think when we think about popcorn the very first thing pops up in our mind is movie theater, And people often think popcorns are bad for health, But hey its corn, Whole grain food full of fiber, Preparing method, processing, microwaving and adding artificial flavours for taste that’s what makes it and put it into unhealthy food basket, So next time when you make popcorns choose your ingredients and method wisely.

Pro Tips:- Use sand to make your Air-popped popcorn

8. Avocado

Benefits of avocado is plenty, Let me highlight few for you, As per USDA database, Avocados are essential source of vitamin C, K, E, B6, which provides support our bone, vision, guts and our body detoxification, furthermore than that avocados are full of Omega-3 Fatty acid, Fat calories are more essential to control your appetite, Fat send an signal to brain and brain shut down your craving to eat more food, If you are looking for an snack to control your food craving avocado will be the right food for you, 1 medium size of avocado will provide you 240 calories.

9. Yoghurt

As we know yogurt is really good food for your bone and guts, Also yoghurt contain calcium, vitamins, magnesium, potassium, all the values are depend on the making process and type of yoghurt, Yoghurt contains good amount of probiotics because of the the fermenting milk process for making yoghurt, Using any heat process to make yoghurt reduce the amount of bacteria in it may reduce the health benefits, Any kind of artificially flavoured yoghurt available in market have excess amount of sugar in it to keep the sweetness in the yoghurt, kindly read the nutritional value properly.

10. Hummus

Hummus is made from chickpeas plant based product highly packed with protein, help you fight & reduce inflammation,Traditional hummus is made from sesame seed butter, It can help you reduce your belly fat and support your overall weight loss, Chickpeas are high in antioxidant value which is really good for your body, Its really hard to believe that something is so tasty can be healthy as well, Homemade hummus made from olive oil or sesame butter considered to be more healthy and full of nutritional values.


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