Best Meal Plan To Lose Fat, Best Times to Eat for Fat Loss

 When people talking about meal timing and, they forget who they’re speaking to is everything, so what I’m going to do is I’m going to break this post into two different people basically, I’m going to be speaking to the regular Tom and the pro Tom, so we’ve got regular Tom we got pro’s Tom, so let’s go.

 Regular Tom is getting adequate sleep and making sure your caloric intake is accurate to your goals, whether you’re trying to lose fat, whether you’re trying to gain muscle, you’re trying to lose fat eating in floor deficit, if you’re trying to gain muscle eating in the caloric surplus, and then the added layer on top of the caloric intake is your macronutrients have to make sense that’s protein, that’s carbs, that’s fats being sure that you’re getting about a gram per pound of body weight of protein per day, carbs and fats vary based on your goal that’s really what the regular Tom should be focusing on first, okay and that will get you very far it’s a 90 95 % dare I even say a hundred percent of your goal you know because a lot of people regular people walking around, you know you’re not tracking your calories at least consistently if you’re not tracking about four nutrients consistently your sleep may be all over the place your water intakes not really there so that’s what you get to focus on, but if you’re an regular Tom’s sitting there you have noticed our to get insanely lean and you’re like,

 I’m already dialed in my calories and macros what’s next then we can also talk about meal timing, so meal timing is as we say how you split up your meals throughout the day, to do breakfast lunch general with a few snacks mixed in between, are you going to break it up like a bodybuilder into six meals a day, or eight meals a day it’s up to you, and for the regular Tom let’s say whatever you feel you can realistically stick to, that’s sustainable for you is your go-to because what’s the point of trying to fit yourself into a mold of eating six to eight meals per day, if it’s a genuine task you have to break away from what you’re doing during the day to go eat things up I’m all about reality and practicality and if it’s not realistic and practical for you then don’t do it, so for regular Tom just pick a meal cadence that you can stick to, and be consistent with it’s not about what you can do for one week, okay I’ll say that again it’s not about what you can do for one week or even two weeks, it’s about what you can do for six months a year five years okay, that’s the frame that we adopt because having a body that you’re very proud of it’s a lifestyle, you don’t want it to leave and when you switch up your practices and you’re doing something that’s not natural to you, won’t by definition that’s not a lifestyle, that’s a lifestyle alteration that you’re trying to fit yourself into so regular Tom eat when you would like to but be consistent with your calories and your macronutrients.

 Think now we’re over here it’s pro Tom, if you’re a man you’re about 15% body fat if you’re a female you’re 22 to 25 percent body fat maybe even a bit lower, and you’re like hey I’m hitting the gym I’m on a training plan I know my calories I know my macronutrients, what’s next what can I do well then we can focus on meal timing and I look to individuals who are much more intelligent than me on these types of topics, the importance of meal timing especially as you get to lower body fat percentages it really does start to matter and then we can start intentionally timing specifically our carbohydrate intake, and what I like to do and what the science proves out is carbohydrate timing surrounding a workout and intro workout, which intro workout means during your workout is actually very beneficial because our body’s preferred source of energy, carbohydrates which is converted to glycogen which is energy in the muscle and you burn glycogen when you are training in the gym, so logic says why don’t I give my body some glycogen before I go train in the form of carbohydrates, rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes whatever salad patch so I can perform in a more optimal level, and then transitioning for a pre-workout to intro workout what about having some dextrose having some quick simple digesting high GI high glycemic index carbohydrates that you can metabolize very easily, while you’re training doing hard activity that’s not going to irritate your stomach and that comes in the form of powers, okay so that can be something for that’s very beneficial for those who are on a cut and those who are also bulking, especially for those who are in a lean gain bulk phase because you have more calories to spare inch or workout nutrition, you can do it when you’re on a cut but yet you just have to pay more attention to the caloric intake, because at the end of the day if you’re not in a caloric deficit the law of thermodynamics says you’re not going to lose fat, so sure taking calories during the workout but be aware of how many calories how many carbohydrates you’re taking in, we don’t want to take in proteins and fats during our workout, during the workout its carbohydrates, you drain your muscle glycogen during strenuous exercise deadlifts, squats, bench press all these things and then post-workout, your body want to refuel , we tear down that muscle we actually create micro tears in the muscle, and how are we going to repair those micro tears well it’s through nutrition it’s through eating’s through having a well-balanced meal post-workout and not just post-workout, but the days after that specific workout okay so in the practical sense for pro Tom carb timings surrounding your workout becomes important, surrounding your workout and briefly again pre-workout meal you know the hour to two hours before your training session can be a well-balanced meal you know chicken rice block broccoli is a standard bodybuilding meal, but it works that’s a great blend of lean protein source healthy carbohydrates and fats and then post-workout can be the same thing chicken broccoli rice or steak potatoes rice.

 You know these sources are interchangeable that should really be the focus for pro Tom in regular Tom if you would like to implement this practice as well it’s not going to hurt you, it’s just trying to shoot a squirrel with a cannon, if that makes sense because you don’t need the cannon yet because you’re not there does that make sense.


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