Best Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Dieting:- Now when you have seen the hair on your comb, hands and pillow, so this is the right time to make some hard choices in your life , Get your diet right on track, Start adding high protein foods in your diet, avoid saturated fat, cut down sugar intake, Start eating more whole foods and vegetable/Fruits, Iron and protein will be playing crucial role in this process so include lean Meats, sprout beans, eggs, iron rich vegetables.

Hair Massage/Scalp Massage:-Massaging your scalp with essential oil will increase the blood flow and stimulate the hair follicles, Massaging your hair daily for 5 minutes will be more beneficial for your hair click here to learn more about the hair massage study.

Shampoo And Conditioners:- I know we said naturally but hey you can make shampoo/Conditioner at home as well click here for DIY, Choosing your shampoo according to your hair type is an another issue, We will help you here to sort out this issue, First check your hair is it dry or silky, You have hair breakage or hair follicles issue, check the end of your broken hair for reference do you see the white end or just half broken edge of your hair Do you have dandruff issues or any other skin condition without knowing your hair type you will just waste your money on different products, without getting the result you want.

Omega Fatty Acids:- Omega-3 and Omega-6 which is essential for skin health, Might support your scalp health, Fatty acids are really good for the overall skin conditioning, It stop inflammation related problems, Egg yolk and fish oil is the best source.

Garlic, Onion, Ginger:- Use any of the juices on your scalp leave it overnight, And wash it out in the morning, Regular use can provide significant amount of result, Its easily available in any home, Just extract the juices and lightly spread on your head, Use it regularly for the best result and just relax, Preserve the extract into container, This trick will save your precious time and energy instead of preparing daily batch make one batch for few days.


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