Can Healthy People Die From Coronavirus?

As of now Many of us have heard about the coronavirus spreading rate is increasing day by day, We have, As per WHO COVID-19 causes mild illness, It can be serious for some people, But rarely the cases can be fatal, People with preexisting medical condition such as, heart issue, diabetes, blood pressure problem will be at higher risk and more vulnerable, However COVID-19 infect people of all ages, But people over 40yrs of age cases are more gradually increases, WHO has suggested adult in the said group age should protect themselves and use proper protective equipments, Few myths about coronavirus.

1. Drinking Alcohol Can Help You Protect From Covid-19?

The myth has spread like a wildfire that Coronavirus can be eliminate from your body if you drink alcohol more often, There so much theories about alcohol and coronavirus that WHO had to release a statement where they clearly mentioned that, Alcohol can be useful on skin to disinfect the virus but its not going to do the same inside your body, Consuming any kind of alcohol is not going to help you but can harm your health.

2. High Ambient Temperature Can Kill The Virus?

Scientist are not sure yet, How temperature can affect the Covid-19 behaviour, Other viruses like Flu and Cold spread more in the cold weather, That does not mean you will not caught cold or flu in the normal weather, Still doctors and scientist are working to learn more and more about Covid-19.

3. Natural Remidies Can Prevent Covid-19?

Natural remedies cannot protect you, Vitamin-c, lemon water, drinking cold water every half an hour, oils and many more list is going on and on, But sorry it cannot protect you from the virus, Healthy and highinc cleaning and washing regime will be a good apporoach.

4. Heat Air Dryers Can Kill The Virus?

As discussed earlier its not proven yet, Cleaning your hand with alcohol based sanitizer, Water and soap will be helpful for you and the people around you.

5. Packages Exporting From China Can Spread Coronavirus?

Scientist have confirmed that coronavirus can live on surfaces of letters and packages for extended amount of time, Package which has been gone through days and weeks in shipment is at very low risk.


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