Does Fasted Cardio Burn More Fats? And Fasted Cardio Result.

Professor of exercise and Nutritional biochemistry Dr. Darrin willoughby says, why doing your cardio with something on your stomach it’s better than doing fasted cardio, Fasted cardio has become very popular recently among bodybuilders physique competitors and people simply wanting to lose weight here’s why you should skip fasted cardio

  • it’s no better at burning fat fasted cardio has been shown to break down triglycerides into fatty acids for fuel however studies have also shown that the utilization of that fuel is no better than unfastened cardio such that it actually translates into greater increases in fat loss over time.
  • it’s hard on your body fasted cardio is typically done first thing in the morning after an overnight fast most people are going to wake up catabolic meaning that your body is in a state of breaking down protein for fuel rather than fat so if you’re doing intense training then you’re already breaking down muscle in a fasted state and that brings me to my final point
  • Cardio with protein is just better, rather than totally fasted consider ingesting protein prior to cardio because you’re going to be catabolic feed the body feed the muscles with protein give those muscles some amino acids so that they can help maintain muscle protein synthesis during the cardio rather than breaking down more muscle than you would be while fasted I would recommend a relatively small amount of protein 10 to 20 grams should be sufficient

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