Gym Opening Date? Gym Opening Date After Lockdown?

Gyms have been closed for quote unquote two months now, And there have been many online coaches and instructor who has been trying to teach you how to stay fit and do the workout indoors, they have open their door to gym enthusiastic for training and teaching online trough online session and classes, But they missed the whole point here when they think indoor training can be same as compare to the gym, I am also a fitness freak and i missed the atmosphere and adrenaline the most about workout, seeing people, flexing front of mirror, daily routines and diets and getting pumped by seeing others workout sessions.

There have been no official news about gym opening as of now, But fitness industry officials are trying their best to get the permission for reopening from governments, they have been doing everything since the closing date which include full sanitization, disinfictioning equipments regularly, reducing timing, body temperature and many more things have been included to keep the social distancing and for public safety measures, They have been proposing different plans to government just to get the approval, and its yet to come.

We are looking forward to here the good news and official announcement regarding the reopening of fitness centres, Safety measures and other strict rules will be there to follow, Including less time and using equipment after an use, Gym equipment will be cleaned between uses, and extra cleaning measures will be implemented, It will be really fun to see and live the good old life and smell of sweat, We are eagerly waiting for that day,

Lets pray that this pandemic will get over and infected people get well soon,

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Once we get the official word that gyms will be reopening, we will let you know.


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