How To Make Homemade Pasta? Healthy Pasta Recipe.

How to Make Healthy Pasta at home, Pasta can offer a healthy meal rich in fiber and vitamins. Follow these steps to make healthier picks for your next pasta dinner, you will need,


  1. Whole grain or blend pasta
  2. Light pasta sauce
  3. Extra virgin olive oil
  4. Sun-dried tomatoes
  5. Herbs Vegetables
  6. Ground turkey or chicken
  7. Red pepper flakes
  8. Basil and reduced-fat cheese.


Step 1. Buy whole grain or blend pasta. Pastas made from a combination of whole grain and white flour have a taste and consistency similar to traditional pasta but deliver much better nutrition. Try some different whole grain and blend pastas to see which taste best and offer sufficient fiber and vitamins.

Step 2. Avoid pasta sauces heavy with cream, cheese, or fatty meats. Choose a light, flavorful tomato sauce in its place, or enhance a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil with sun-dried tomatoes and herbs. Check the nutrition facts on bottled pasta sauce to determine the fat content. Even some meatless tomato sauces contain a lot of fat from oil.

Step 3. Add vitamins and fiber to your sauce with healthy vegetables, Go for roasted eggplant, peppers, or zucchini, or fusion of ripe olives and mushrooms.

Step 4. Substitute ground turkey or chicken for beef in meat sauces and meatballs, and try Italian sausage made from turkey instead of the traditional pork or veal.

Step 5. Reduce the need for salt in your sauce by adding other herbs and spices. Make a fiery sauce with red pepper flakes, or try adding aromatic sweet basil. Rinsing cooked pasta before serving reduces the vitamin content.

Step 6. Use reduced-fat ricotta and mozzarella in lasagna and ravioli. Try low-fat parmesan cheese on spaghetti, and limit yourself to a few sprinkles instead of a mound.

Step 7. Enjoy pasta in moderation. The carbohydrates in pasta provide energy, but excessive portions provide too many calories and can raise blood sugar.

Did you know? Standard pasta contains approximately 41 grams of carbohydrates per serving, compared with 31 grams in low-carb pasta.


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