How To Stay Fit During Quarantine, How To Stay Fit During Holidays?

Due to quarantine & Coronavirus we got a lot of food in front of us and so that’s actually what we’re going to be talking about today is how to deal with all that food how to deal with all the excitement and partying that’s going to be happening over the next couple months and how to keep gain training your way all the way through this pandemic,

Today is all about Supporting you guys keep those gains hopefully not let the party and get too much over the course of the next couple months and we will give you encouragement to keep pushing through towards your goals on those dates so first thing we wanted to talk about this is something we’ve touched on a few times before and that’s flexible dieting right so what is flexible diet so flexible dieting is an approach of if it fix your mess if it fits your macros is the nice little acronym with it so it’s knowing it kind of like a puzzle your entire diet or meals that you consume is like one giant puzzle and you’re trying to fill your gaps with proteins fats and carbohydrates to complete the puzzle by the end of the day so not all not all bodies are created equal different sizes of human beings ages all that fun stuff so macros macronutrients being the full vernacular on that it’s going to be different from person to person from what I eat is different from what you eats but the nice part of it is at the end of the day you’re trying to hit a certain calorie target with these three macronutrients so that’s like kind of the best way to do it is, how we’ve kind of done it so like better is or a good is just tracking calories betters tracking calories and protein, Monday through or Sunday through Wednesday to kind of take that into account if you want to eat maybe like 500 calories less and I mean it may suck for a couple days leading up to it but then you’re able to enjoy Thursday guilt-free I mean at the end of the day just don’t be a jerk and eat too much for yourself but it’s method but biggest deal is like just don’t feel guilty that you’re enjoying because everybody does this it’s okay and now that’s the biggest thing with it’s like at the end of the week what is your weekly average of calories right so if your goal is to hit 2500 calories by the end of the week if you want to do a little math and just like augment eat for the first view and you know you’re going to eat eight hundred extra calories or so maybe more, Teenagers have to eat more calories to gain muscle generally no you guys, you know it the act of gaining muscle requires more calories in general but there’s no like special rules for teenagers just know that if you are looking to gain muscle you need to be increasing your protein intake probably increasing you calorie intake by a little bit but just more focusing on protein and then making sure that you’re lifting heavy let’s see any tips for bulking during the holidays I think everyone’s bulking during the holidays so actually just like I mentioned before making sure that you’re focusing on protein and then that you’re lifting heavy during that time and then yeah if you have a couple extra calories and then you’re good yeah, I’m going to grab rolls instead I’m going to grab pie which are protein wise very low so focus on Turkey.

Fasting so this comes up all the time and fasting can come in multiple different forms whether it be you know large scale fasting whether you’re not eating for 24 hours a time or something a little bit more tangible which is something like intermittent fasting where you go for 16 hours without eating but then eat during an 8 hour window and then just cycle through that and again there’s many different forms of this that we haven’t talked about but just kind of fasting in general I have been unable to sustain a fasting lifestyle but there are some people who swear by it and it all comes down to eating habits and preferences and personal style of eating the overall goal of fasting is to consume less food right you want to decrease your calorie intake and if you can do that by fasting by maybe skipping the times a day that would normally lead to you eating extra food then maybe that can help so like if I only and if I’ve told myself I’m only going to eat for the eight-hour window of 10 a.m. through 6 p.m. I’ve pretty much eliminated the concept of dessert right and if I’m really bad about eating ice cream at you know right before I’m about to go to bed but I’ve told myself I want to stick to this fasting regimen I’ve eliminated that and so hopefully over time that helps me out now there is a big heavy scientific argument about your hormone hormonal reactions to longer scale fasting that I don’t really want to get into, if you want to try and maintain a fasting attitude for 16 hours a day and then only eat during that window sure give it a shot I’ve found that it tends to lead to a little bit more heavy eating during those eight hours than I normally would have done but again that’s me personally with zero self-control and so maybe you’ll find a little bit more success there so give it a try if you like see how it feels and go from there there’s I mean it’s if you decide you don’t like it you can just start eating again.

Small Plate I thought really nothing of it but interestingly there was a study done in 2017 with a group of like 127 people who were overweight or obese and they had one group of them used a normal plate and one and the other group used like you know those like the side dish plates instead and they found that the people who visually like visually felt like they got a full plate of a mega plate and a small plate the people who had a small plate felt like they were full on less food than the people who had a big plate and so there’s like a cognitive thing going on there say oh I got a full plate of food I must be full even though they less food because their plate is small now this doesn’t mean get a small plate and then stack it three plate.

Exercise like Push-ups and doing sit-ups and doing many other exercises, there’s lots of different ways to stay fit and get sweating without any weights and doing it in your home you don’t even really need that much space and again to focus on your gains in the situation make sure just to consume food right like if you’re not doing as much, you can’t get to the gym, your requirement of food for the day is less so in theory you should be able to maintain your weight through that, For exercise there are many exercises you can perform at home, Single resistance bend can give you a full body workout with different capacity and intense rate, Try out and let us know your thoughts.


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