Mediterranean diet recipes: Mediterranean Meal Plan 4 Easy Recipes

Mediterranean Diet: Facts

1. it’s been around for centuries, and peoples are living healthier, happier in the Mediterranean region right now,

2. it’s a heart-healthy diet, it is packed with tons of healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids,

3. Brain health studies have shown that there is a decreased risk of Alzheimer’s, when you follow this type of diet

4. One thing that I love is that, it keeps you feeling full because, it’s a diet that’s loaded up with the whole bunch of fiber number,

5. You could be happier, in fact one study found that people that follow this diet, are less likely to experience symptoms of depression

6. You may be able to live longer, there are several studies out there that have shown that this particular diet, could lead to more longevity, so you may be around for a while to ignore all those people around you, if you need some more convincing,

Mediterranean Diet Recipe:

first recipe you’re going to do is, prep your veggies, diced up some eggplant then add this to your baking sheet with your baking tray, and along with some garlic cloves, they still have the skin on them and some chopped bell pepper, and some chopped tomato, you’re gonna sprinkle on just a little bit of olive oil, and then a little bit of sea salt, and some pepper now, you’re gonna roast it in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes, until we get some nice grill marks, and char marks on the bell pepper, and at the same time you also going to begin to prep the ingredients for your breakfast, so you’re gonna take some cherry tomatoes, place them on a baking tray, lined with some parchment paper, you’re gonna add just a small bit of olive oil to these, to a pinch of sea salt and some pepper rub it all on there, and then you’re gonna roast these in the oven too for about 20 minutes, or so until they’re nice and soft and blistered, so the next thing you’re gonna do is prep your chicken, so get some chicken tenders, you don’t have chicken tenders, and what you can do is get some chicken breast, and slice them in the Tinder’s, you’re gonna add a little bit of dried oregano, and then a pinch of sea salt, and some pepper and then just a small splash of olive oil, all right get your hands dirty, and mix this all together, now you’re gonna fire up a nonstick skillet put it on medium-high heat, I’m gonna add just a little bit of olive oil, and then you’re going to add in, your chicken breasts and the cool thing about chicken tenders is that since they’re so small it doesn’t take that long to cook, so you’re gonna sear on each side, and remember the most important thing about meal prep is to keep everything moving, heat and multitask so while the stuff is finishing up in the oven, we are going to prep your delicious Spanish soup you’re gonna put a pot on medium-high heat, add in a little bit of olive oil and then you’re gonna toss in some onion, and some garlic, and this is a really important step to make this soup because, we want to make sure that this is properly caramelized, if you need to reduce the heat, you can, you don’t want it to burn you just want it to brown, and turn translucent and here is a little hack especially for this recipe, you’re gonna add in a pinch of salt as the onions cook, because that’s gonna help to really draw out their sweetness, which is going to add a really great flavor composition to your Spanish,

 all right this is perfect now you’re going to balloon some spices, to make this super fragrant and rich you’re going to sprinkle in some smoked paprika and a little bit of nuttiness, with some huge balloon the spices here, next you’re gonna add in some tomato paste, if you can’t find tomato paste, you can also use tomato sauce, what you cannot use this ketchup give it a nice stir, you’re gonna really cook this down for about two minutes here in the pot, all right now let’s bring everything together and build this delicious Spanish soup you’re gonna pour in some veggie stock then a can of chickpeas or some garbanzo, make sure that you drain it and some dice red potato a good Old Bailey for some extra flavor, and then some lemon, zest now you could either grate some of the skin into the soup, or you could cut along the outside of the lemon just like this and then, add those peels right into your soup you’re gonna crank up the heat, brings to a simmer then add a pinch of sea salt and some pepper, your veggies have finished roasting so, I’m gonna pull these out of the oven and then let these cool down, because we’ve got to chop them up, you’re gonna cover, and cook this for about 20 minutes, let the flavors melt together, and then you’re gonna add in a little bit of Popeye in there, so let’s put this aside

Roasted vegetables, they cool down quite a bit so, what you’re gonna do is just place them onto a cutting board, and the first thing you’re gonna do is with the garlic free are going to peel, it and the garlic should pop right on out, and you’re just gonna chop everything up, just like this, you’re gonna do a fine chop of everything, as you’re doing, it should also be mashing up a tomato to create this delicious sauce and paste, then you’re gonna add your sauce to a bowl sprinkle in a little bit of parsley, and then some a fresh lemon and then a little bit more olive oil, you know mix everything together, and then of course season to taste with a little bit of sea salt, and some pepper, you’re gonna check back in on your Spanish stew still simmering, there so what you’re gonna do now is you’re gonna and then finish just pile that in there, and spinach wilts super quickly so you don’t need to be too concerned about it, and then you’re going to take this off the heat, just to rest and cool all right, and lastly you’re gonna prep yourselves a nice sweet snack,

 You’re going to make some roasted honey almond bars, so first thing you’re gonna do is start out with some roasted almonds, you’re just gonna roughly chop these if you buy them raw, now let’s mix everything together, and mix and Bars so you’re gonna add in some quick cooking oats, a little bit of cinnamon, some natural peanut butter, get the kind with oil some honey, some raisins, and then your crushed almonds, and then mix everything together and it should be pretty sticky, and that’s exactly what we want, next you’re gonna grab yourself a mini loaf, tin now you can buy these from almost any store or you can use the kind that are porcelain, when the small ones like this I like to spray with a little bit of oil, just to prevent the sticking and what you’re gonna do, is just gonna add in your bar batter and once you pack it in, you’re gonna place this in the fridge for at least one hour, so they can kind of firm up you can leave it overnight too, and then you’re gonna dump it out and chop it into delicious vanilla squares,

 For breakfast you’re going to bring a pot of water to a boil, and then if you want a soft-boiled egg you want to let this cook for no more than four minutes time, and then after four minutes, you’re gonna take the egg and plunge it immediately into an ice bath, to stop it from cooking, so for breakfast you’re gonna have smashed tomato avocado toast with eggs, so I’m gonna start out with some toasted whole-wheat bread, add some avocado some of your roast dish grape tomatoes and then your soft-boiled eggs, you can toast the bread fresh each morning and then for the tomatoes, just warm them up in the microwave, and then put everything together

 For lunch we have a delicious Mediterranean roasted garlic, and bell pepper chicken pita, so you’re going to start out here with some warm wheat pita, and then you’re going to add in your beautiful roasted salsa, then add in your grilled chicken breast, and then you’re gonna finish it off with a little bit of Greek yogurt, and then some fresh parsley, and if desired you can also sprinkle in some fresh cilantro, and if you’re doing this for a meal prep be sure that you keep the PITA separate from your roasted red pepper salsa, you can chop up the chicken and mix it in with the Greek yogurt so that way it’s easier to assemble for your lunch and for a hearty into the day, we have a delicious Spanish chick pea and spinach stew, and you can garnish this with a little bit of lemon Selman flaked almonds or a little bit of a crunch some parsley, that’s all for today hope you love the article, if you do please sign up for our news letter.


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