Mediterranean diet: What is Mediterranean diet? Mediterranean Diet Mel Plan.

Mediterranean Diet: so you’ve heard about the Mediterranean regime, perhaps your doctor or friend suggested it or you read a book about it, and you want to give it a try, but how do you get started well that’s exactly what I’m going to tackle in this article,

What Is Mediterranean Diet?

 If you’re fascinated by the idea of the Mediterranean diet, but have no clue how to get started or where to begin stay tuned, with me people talk about the most is the Mediterranean diet,

Step: 1 check out the pyramid, a great place to begin is with the Mediterranean diet pyramid, this will give you a sense of the overall framework of this way of eating

Step: 2 make easy substitutions so once you have a solid understanding of the framework of the Mediterranean diet, you’ll want to start making some actual changes, but I recommend that you start easy, there is no need for you to jump straight in and completely change everything about your eating habits, right from day one Mediterranean diet is all about ease and pleasure, some of my favorite aspects about this way of eating, so let’s just start easy, one of the best ways to ease into things is with some simple substitutions, like olive oil, start substituting olive oil for butter, other oils and fats, there are huge health benefits to olive oil, olive oil is such a cornerstone part of the Mediterranean diet that switching to olive oil is a great place to start,

Step: 3 have one meatless meal a week, the Mediterranean diet is not a vegetarian diet, you are definitely allowed to eat meat poultry fish and dairy on this diet, but it is plant-based, which means there is a heavy emphasis on fruits vegetables and grains, so a great way to ease your way into more of a plant-based diet is to, switch one of your weekly dinners to a meatless meal, try to shift the focus more toward plant products start seeking out meatless meals and just commit to one meatless dinner a week, the beauty is that there is so much variety available in the Mediterranean diet, so there is definitely food for all tastes but some great meatless meal ideas to get you started,

Mediterranean Diet Cooki

  1. falafel peppers stuffed with rice
  2. veggies
  3. eggplant parmesan
  4. mushroom
  5. spinach lasagna pasta with
  6. roasted vegetables
  7. paleo zucchini noodles

Step: 4 is start shopping like a Mediterranean, the Mediterranean diet puts a strong emphasis on fresh seasonal produce and whole foods, with the corresponding emphasis on processed and prepackaged food, so as you move more toward a Mediterranean inspired diet, you’ll want to start modifying how you shop, and which foods you have on hand at home, a good approach is to shop the perimeter of the grocery store, the produce section fresh meat and fish but there’s a lot more to it, than this truth is the grocery store can be a confusing place, if you don’t know what you’re looking for or what you’re doing, so you will definitely want to go with a shopping list handy,

If you’re trying to stock your fridge and pantry with more Mediterranean diet friendly foods, just follow the simple steps explained earlier,

1 learn the pyramid

2 substitute other oils and fats for olive oil

3 commit to one meatless meal a week and

4 start grocery shopping like a Mediterranean

There’s a lot more to the Mediterranean diet but these 4 steps should get you started, that’s all you needed, hope you like the article, if you have any query please comment below.


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