What Is Carb Cycling And What Are The Benefits Of Carb Cycling.

Carb cycling what is it what should you use it who should use it, so let’s talk carb cycling so I’ve been trading for a decade for the first 2 years in my fitness journey more so Arnold style training body changes there wasn’t a lot of talk at least that I heard about carb cycling and I’ve seen in the last 3 years really more talk start to drip out on the social sites or forums on the research websites so let’s get into our cycling, I’m sure you would imagine is varying the amount of carbs you take in during the week and a standard procedure with this is having low carbohydrate days and then in a high carbohydrate day or a couple high carbohydrate days, I’ve been low carb all day yeah, why do we do carb cycling in the first place, you might be like what is the benefit of doing this, so this is for people who are looking to lose fats if you’re in a surplus if you’re in a bulk if you’re in a caloric surplus eating more calories and your body needs to stay the same weight the carb cycling benefits aren’t quite as much there as if you are in a fat loss space.

 So if you’re looking to lose fat you’re looking down your stomach right now you’re like I need to do some exercises, you may want to procures a little bit because this is for you so carb cycling, as I said it’s having low carbohydrate days married with some high carbohydrate days and the purpose of this is fairly simple when we are dieting we are in a caloric deficit we are burning fat off of our body and to do that we need to be taking in less calories and our body ideally wants and with that comes having carbohydrates, that our body ideally wants and what comes with that is over time as you diet weeks over weeks over weeks your metabolism can start to take a hit your mood can start to take you hit your energy levels and it’s because carbohydrates go to refuel the glycogen in our muscle it’s our body’s preferred source of energy, and we’re not giving that muscle the amount of energy that it wants to be able to perform in everyday life in the gym.

What we do is we keep protein about the same always that’s consistent throughout a whole fat loss phase, well lower fat a little bit but will increase the carbohydrates because well carbohydrates are freaking amazing donuts ice cream pizza, I don’t need to say anymore and not only that we’ll be able to eat more of the foods that we like because we’ve more carbs to play with but we actually go to increase our mood spike the metabolism potentially and replenish that glycogen in the muscle replenish that you know preferred source of energy, when we are training in the gym and what that does is it allows us to get better workouts the day of our reefed day a higher carb day and the subsequent day or even days and not only that, but it kind of gives her body a reboot and dare I say it almost tricks our body into thinking that we are getting more nourishment than we actually are.

Ideally with a low carb day and a high carb day the calories do stay about the same as you can see the calories aren’t that much different but what it does is it kind of keeps our body guessing, our body gets used to having a certain amount of carbs but then whoa there’s a day where we have 100 grams of carbs more or 150 grams of carbs more some competitors will do to 300 grams of carbs more what is that telling your body, well that’s telling your body hey dude, you’re getting more nourishment than you have in the past, you’ve been slowing down your metabolism, you’ve been conserving because we in a caloric deficit we’re actually telling our bodies that were dying, it’s crazy that’s the stress response cortisol, can raise we go into fight or flight potentially because our bodies want to stay alive we want to protect ourselves and when we go to increase carbohydrates, you’re basically telling our body hey you’re getting more nourished we’re getting more food you’re getting more of what you want carbohydrates therefore we don’t have to be in this survival fight mode.

There is some research that shows having two consecutive high carb days is better for hormonal purposes and overall energy purposes, than just having one a reefed day, so a standard protocol high low carb day, carb cycling protocol would be five low days and two high days, however I’ve seen it be broken up very differently, I’ve seen three low carb days in one high day, and that kind of just repeating that cycle I’ve seen only having one high carb a per week, Try alternative days if you like so.


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